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Kala Vithii provides a unique range of intricately handcrafted hair accessories, jewellery, home decor, customised gifts, Rakhis made from leftover fabric scraps post production which will otherwise be dumped into our landfills. Folks looking for sustainable alternatives and trying to switch to sustainable lifestyle Kala Vithii helps you in following it. Be it a everyday Scrunchie or designer choker we customize everything for you.
Our process of making a product starts with procuring scrap fabric from the tailors or boutiques, then we do sorting, washing, drying and ironing.
Then comes the designing stage where every piece is created keeping in mind the availability of fabric and what best can be made from it.
Our designs are conceptual and contemporary.
Our packaging is also sustainable & eco-friendly as we wrap it in sheets and handmade paper with our fabric embellishments.
Happy Upcycling ♻️
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